MiniCon 2006

June 17, 2006: MiniCon. This was my first time at the IPMS Ontario chapter's MiniCon. Saw alot of familiar faces (folks that go to ValleyCon and OrangeCon) There were a few things from previous shows, but alot of new stuff. I met a couple of modelers from Fresno, yeah, they drove down here from Fresno to take part in this comp. Very well rounded modelers and good people to chat with.

I had forgotten my mini tripod so I was stuck using the "auto" function on my camera, hence the crappy pictures and some flash pictures. Did the best I could. I ended up entering two different categories with my kits I brought: Shin Matsunaga's Kampfer and the VF-0S Battroid went into the Miscallanous category which included paper models, sci fi, etc. The FSS Phantom, Mitsuki, and Lynx Girl went into the Resin, conversion kit, vacuform category. The categories were a bit confusing since most of the kits in the figure category were full resin. Scifi/fantasy is again shunned from that category even though they are figures. Oh well, no big deal. It is one more reason I enjoy OrangeCon so much. They really try to split the categories into clear areas instead of lumping them all into one category. I walked away from this comp with a 3rd in the Miscallanous category for the Kampfer, and a 3rd in the Resin, conversion kit, vacu form category for Lynx Girl - there's something to be said about nudity in a modeling contest that's judged and spectated by 95% men.... All in all, I had a fun time.

The interesting thing is that the San Diego's IPMS chapter delayed and rescheduled their IPMS show for the same day as MiniCon, today... I'm pretty sure the turn out would have been much different if the IPMS shows were held on different days. I know alot of the San Diego modelers come up for OrangCon. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. Enjoy the pictures.


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Another fun convention to go to that's a local event. Will be going again next year.




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